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Resume Blasting That Gets You Hired

With one click you can now send your resume out directly up to 15,809 recruiters, headhunters, and direct hiring companies! Our research department has compiled the most comprehensive and targeted network of recruiters on the net. We are so sure you will be happy that we guarantee our service 100%!
Resume Blasting Includes Employers
Other services just distribute to headhunters.
Resume Writing
Targeting by Area
Recruiters are based on the cities and states you select.
Resume Posting
100% Guaranteed!
One of the ONLY resume services with a money back guarantee!*
Resume Distribution
With 1,000's & 1,000's of satisfied customers, we know it works!
Get a $20 discount if you buy now
Instant Resume Distribution for only $69$49.95
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Success Stories
*If you don't receive response from this service within 60 days we'll re-blast it again for free. If after 60 more days you still haven't received a response - we'll refund 100% of your money! *While our total list of recruiters & employers is approximately 10,000 your resume will be targeted only to recruiters for your geopgraphic area & specialty.

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